International Keyword Research

The first step in any SEO campaign is to select the appropriate keywords. Using a broad array of keywords is ideal for getting a foothold which you can then use to siphon down to a core group of keywords which outperform others as a result of their semantic or practical inherent design.

Different phrases (such as more specific to an industry or less jargon oriented) will yield different results. The common mistake is that your customer knows as much as you do about your industry.

If you only optimize your website for industry specific / jargon-rich keywords, then chances are the only traffic you might receive is from your competitors who are also making a rookie move like this when it comes to keyword research.

The real optimization begins when you can discover keywords that have equally as much conversion as the most competitive ones, with half of the competition vying for them.

Lingoway offers you an international keyword research service which will ensure you have the most relevant and appropriate keywords for both users and search engines - in every language you are targeting.

Keyword Research is the cornerstone of any online campaign and understanding how people search, and what they are searching for is the key to success.

This is why simply translating keywords from English into your other target languages will be ineffective as issues such as colloquialisms, dialects, use of special characters and spellings must be taken into account, not to mention long tail and length of search phrases.

Lingoway's team of search linguists are all native speakers, as well as search specialists, ensuring that in-depth knowledge of specific markets and cultural sensitivity is applied throughout the project, along with contextual relevancy and linguistic accuracy.

With all languages under one roof, Lingoway provides a consistent approach across all markets, and a one stop shop for all your keyword research needs



What you get?

A list of quality, relevant keywords
'Back Translation' -the English translation of all the keywords we provide.



Who needs it?

In-house SEO/PPC specialists


Basically anyone who has the knowledge and resources to implement online campaigns but lacks the language capabilities to generate effective keywords